A Joint Venture Bank is looking for bright candidate to fill the following position :

Public Relation Officer ( PRO)

1.  Maximum 28 years old.

2. Minimum Dlll degree in Public Relation Communication.

3. Having minimum 2 years experience in Public Relation or Advertising Field, experience in bank will be considered as benefit.

Senior Secretary ( SS )

1.       Maximum 28 years old

2.       Having both good oral and written English

  1. Having good knowledge about banking activities

  2. Graduate from reputable Secretariat Academy will be considered as benefit.

Please send your application letter : CV. and recent 3 X 4 photograph to:  PO BOX 110 Jakarta 50200

1.       The text above is…

  1. Advertisement                                           c. Announcement

  2. Notice                                                              d. Short Message


2.       Which one is correct according to the text ?

  1. The applicants should be more than 28 years old

  2. The applicants should graduate from foreign university

  3. Two positions are officer in the bank

  4. The applicants should come to office for interviewing


3.      If you want to apply for the position of Public Relation Officer, you Must…

  1. Be more than 28 years old

  2. Have both good oral and written English

  3. Have experience in bank

  4. Have experience in Public Relation Or Adverting field


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